Battle of Bankusay Channel and Macabebe

Bankusay refers to the Bankusay creek located off the north shore of Manila Bay. It was here where the bloody Battle of Bankusay took place in 1571, a battle which would immortalize the heroism and extraordinary courage of a young warrior whose name continues to elude the Filipino consciousness. While several Filipino patriots sacrificed their … More Battle of Bankusay Channel and Macabebe

The Emperor’s Speech

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:
Emperor Hirohito recording his speech 13 August –  two ships, the Pennsylvania and the La Grange were hit by kamikaze carrier planes. All ships in Okinawa harbors were shipped out to ensure their safety. Although the Emperor was at this point demanding peace, the complicated arrangement of their government (Emperor, Premier,…

Sipa – A Traditional, Native Philippine Sport

While everyone is thinking about the Super Bowl today, let me introduce you to a traditional, native Philippine sport. It’s not basketball which most Filipinos consider the national sport since it is played every day across the country, on the streets, in gyms, at schools and everywhere else in the Philippines. The sport “Sipa” which … More Sipa – A Traditional, Native Philippine Sport

Wang Wanggao in search of Limahong

The Viceroy of Fokien, having heard of Limahong’s daring exploits, had commissioned a ship of war to discover the whereabouts of Limahong, his imperial master’s old enemy. Wang Wanggao, known in Spanish sources as Omocon, who was commissioned to capture Limahong dead or alive, arrived in Philippine waters and encountered the Spanish soldiers in Bolinao, … More Wang Wanggao in search of Limahong